bool(true) 7 free programs to work with PDF

7 free programs to work with PDF

View, edit, and convert PDF files with these tools!

For convenience, we distinguish four types of programs: viewers (for reading and annotating), editors (for editing text and other content), managers (for breaking, compressing, and other file manipulations), and converters (for converting PDF to other formats). Most of the applications listed in this article can be attributed to several types.

Completely free programs

These applications are not the most functional, but all of their features are available without restrictions.


PDF24 Creator

Type: viewer, manager, converter.
Platforms: Windows.
PDF software: PDF24 Creator

This small program does not allow editing the contents of PDF documents but is useful for many other operations with the format.

What can be done in PDF24 Creator:



Type: viewer, converter.
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.
PDF software: LibreOffice

Although the popular LibreOffice software package is designed to work with WordPress formats, its Draw application can edit PDF documents. And the Writer program from the same package can be used as a converter.

What can be done in LibreOffice:


Foxit Reader

Type: viewer, converter.
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS.
PDF software: Foxit Reader

Fast and convenient PDF reader with different viewing modes. Ideal for users who need a simple means of reading documents without a surplus of additional functions. The program is available on all major platforms.

What you can do in Foxit Reader:

The mobile version of Foxit Reader allows you to edit text and other content of documents, but only as part of a paid subscription.

Shareware Applications

These programs offer more functionality for working with PDF, but with some limitations. You can use truncated free versions or subscribe with a full set of tools.


Sejda PDF

Type: viewer, editor, converter, manager.
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.
Programs for working with PDF: Sejda PDF

Very intuitive and convenient program. By launching Sejda PDF, you will immediately see all the tools grouped by category. Choose the one you need, drag the necessary file into the program window and proceed with the manipulations. Most PDF operations in this application can be completed in a few seconds, even if this is your first time using it.

What can be done in Sejda PDF:

The free version allows you to perform no more than three operations per day.



Type: viewer, manager, converter, editor.
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.
PDF software: PDFsam

PDFsam cannot boast of a polished perfection and user-friendly interface. But in the program, there are several useful managerial functions available to all without payment and any restrictions.

What can be done in PDFsam:


PDF XChange Editor

Type: viewer, manager, converter, editor.
Platforms: Windows.
PDF software: PDF-XChange Editor

A very functional program with a classic interface in the style of Microsoft office applications. PDF XChange Editor is not very friendly to beginners. To master all the possibilities, you need to spend some time. Fortunately, all internal descriptions and tips have been translated into Russian.

What you can do in the PDF XChange Editor:


Adobe Acrobat Reader

Type: viewer, manager, converter, editor.
Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.
PDF software: Adobe Acrobat Reader

A popular universal program for working with PDF from Adobe. The free version is a very convenient cross-platform document viewer, other functions are available by subscription.

What you can do in Adobe Acrobat Reader:

All these and other features are available in desktop versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Mobile versions only allow you to view and annotate documents, and also (after subscribing) convert them into different formats.